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Headline News (Last Month Only)

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April 19, 2014.  Audio Drama Find with Newly Released Fourth Episode:
Star Trek: Lost Enterprise.  English production, Silver Age.  Science crew finds evidence that the Enterprise B found it's way to the Gamma Quadrant.  Homepage on You Tube:
Episode 1: The Discovery (25:31) (Feb. 27,. 2014)
Episode 2: From the Shadows  (21:18) (March 10, 2014)
Episode 3: Below Decks  (25:21) (March 21, 2014)
Episode 4: Point of No Return (23:18) (April 19, 2014).  For roughly four dozen more Star Trek Audio Dramas see

 April 15, 2014.  MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Star Trek: Secret Voyage. Recap of Episode 1 and Episode 2 (although I recommend rewatching all of Episode 1).  (Professional actors, location shoots, costumes, make-up, props. Golden Age drama.)
Episode 1 (Released in August, 2012):  (39:29) or You Tube here:  (39:29). (also available with Portuguese subtitles)
5 minute Recap of Episode 1 (Released April 15, 2014) (5:08) or (5:09)
Episode 2: Rise of the Gongdea (Released April 15, 2014.) (35:14) or  (35:09)
For more about Star Trek: Secret Voyage see

April 9, 2014FindUSS Atlantis.
This appears to be a set of films made for an annual "Banquet" meeting of a fan club.  That fan club is out of Heyburn, Idaho.   You Tube Home:

USS Atlantis 2010 (4:10)
USS Atlantis 2011 (4:55)
USS Atlantis 2012 (15:47)
For the permanent location of these films, See


1.  from Up All Night Productions, Episode 2 of Star Trek Antyllus, "Mindful Matters"  A Vulcan boy holds the key to a terrible secret.  Can he survive long enough to be rescued by the Antyllus and her crew?

Part 1: (24:12)
Part 2: (34:53). For all of the Star Trek Fan Films from Up All Night Productions, see

2.  from Star Trek Outpost, the first episode of Season 6.  Episode 56, "Confrontation." See (56:15).  For all earlier episodes of this multiple-award-winning audio drama, as well as links to about four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows and series, see .

April 1, 2014.  Newly Released.  From Star Trek Dark Armada, (Adult fans, Dutch nationals speaking English) a short film, "Almost Time"  (2:56).  For more about Star Trek Dark Armada, see

March 28, 2014.  Spooftakulars Nos. 52 and 53.  Two college film projects.
No. 52:    Star Trek Fan Film AAT IV -- The New Home (7:47).   Based vaguely on JJA Trek, it is about saving a movie... with a lot of fighting and blowing up ships.  Sound quality is very mediocre.   College project.  Creator says it was praised at a film festival.  You Tube Channel:
No. 53:    Star Trek Parody (2:35)  Produced at Sacramento City College by "City Films"  Los Rios Community College District. Posted August 25, 2013.
For more Star Trek Fan Film School and Church projects, see

March 24, 2014.  Newly Released from Project Potemkin, (Adult Fans, Golden Age/movie era, live action, sets, costumes, professional actors) Season 2, short film D, (Film 13 has not yet been released, but this is Film 14) "Ashes" You Tube: (4:56) or Vimeo: (4:56). With Portuguese Subtitles: (4:55)   For more information about Project Potemkin, see .

March 23, 2014.  Crossover Film No. 5   Star Trek v. Stars Wars (A Nerd's Fantasy)  (11:12)
For more franchise crossover films see

March 21, 2014.  Newly Released, from Star Trek: The Lost Tales (German Language 3d Animation), "Doomsday Preview": (27:51).

From the same group, FIND no. 48, Antares Shorts, "Daedalus" (8:05).

For more Star Trek Fan Films in German, including this group previous release, "Dilitium" and many other films either in German or with German subtitles, see

March 20, 2014.  Curt Danhauser's first, and only compelete, full-length TAS-style cartoon, "And Let The Heavens Fall." has, after more then five years, been taken down on You Tube for copyright violations.  Speculation in the Fan Film community is rampant, but no one is sure why.  His dedicated page is here:

This website claims to track all changes made to Star Trek Reviewed: change log
I created my own similiar tracking page: change log.  They appear to track only the changes in this top log.

For Headlines more than 1 month old see Monthly Headlines From Star Trek Reviewed..  Love Star Trek Reviewed?   Help others find it by linking to it from your own webpages and Facebook page.  Your link will also raise the profile of STR on search engines.


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